I am an Art Director & Designer who specializes in branding and UI/UX design. I craft comprehensive brand identity systems, intuitive digital platforms, and engaging user experiences.

It All Begins With Branding


I specialize in design-led brand communication and digital creation.

I’ll help craft your brand’s personality and image to properly tell your companies story.

My Philosophy


People over Profits.

Awesome People, Great Ideas
For me, success is measured by positive experiences and creating great work, not the bottom line.

Quality over Quantity.

Fewer Clients, Better projects.
Never sacrificing the former for the latter, even though it may grant short-term success.

Design is Problem Solving.

Design is functional
There's a purpose for all of this work. The difference between art and design -- design is functional, design is problem solving.

Create Work I'm Proud Of.

Make Decisions, Stand behind them.
Work is only one piece of life, and creating work I'm proud of gives me motivation to do what I do.
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About Dekker Slade


Art Director & Designer


I am an Art Director with over 10 years of industry experience in various design fields, and over 5 years in a directorial role.  As a design director, I have had many years to refine my design process, methodology, and aesthetic style. I  bring a high level of experience with modern design practices and standards and am  confident in my ability to lead design initiatives on a number of different platforms (web, iOS, android, etc.)., incorporating appropriate project  management methodologies such as agile, traditional, waterfall, adaptive, etc.


I am a self-motivated, creative thinker and problem solver and have an entrepreneurial mindset, a passion for both functional and visual design, and an affinity for emerging trends and technology. I am driven by my love for innovation and the continual pursuit of growth and development of my personal design philosophy and vision as an designer. As a designer inspired by inventive and original ideas and collaborating with talented and intelligent individuals. I believe in an open-minded approach to solving problems through design and
critical thinking. I am a lifelong learner who continues to evolve my skill set to not only keep up with emerging design trends, but to define them.


I work closely with my clients as an extension of their team to help them realize their vision and execute their ideas — helping nationally recognized brands evolve their image, reinvent their online presence, build products and create a connection with their audience.

Skills &
Skills &
I specialize in crafting comprehensive brand identity systems, intuitive digital platforms and engaging user experiences.
They key to your business and the visual system that expresses your personality, values, and competitive edge.
Crafting digital experiences through wireframing, interaction design, and visual storytelling.
Engaging brand's consumers in the digital space, building awareness and create conversion.
Digital experiences must be driven by strategy and visuals that account for the mindset of your customer.

Brands I’ve Worked With


With over 10 years in the industry, I’ve had the pleasure of working with nationally recognized brands, both independently and through my previous positions within other agencies.

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